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Craig Holloway is one of our super talented contributors. He has a fantastic appreciation for this wide brown land, and everyday, is capturing it with his camera. We are chuffed that Craig was happy to answer some questions for us..

Where do you live? Has it always been home?
I’m currently on the road and have been travelling around Australia with a caravan and 4WD for the past 10 months. I grew up in Ballarat, Victoria and have lived there for the past 8 years. Prior to that I have lived in New Zealand, France and Scotland.

What’s your favourite breakfast?
Coffee and toast with vegemite and jam.

From food scientist to freelance photographer – can you tell us a bit about that journey?
I worked in the food industry for about 10 years which I found mundane and repetitive towards the end. Photography has always been a creative outlet of mine and I long dreamed of turning it into a career. I completed various short courses in photographic techniques, film processing and printing, whilst still working as a food scientist. From the age of 25, my love of travel began and I took thousands of transparencies while travelling around Europe. With the advent of digital photography, my aim of being a full time photographer was realised and I opened a gallery in partnership with a friend in New Zealand. After returning to Australia I invested in new Canon equipment and began my commercial business together with photojournalistic work at the Ballarat Courier and exhibited at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale on three occasions.

We love your work and the story each of your images tells. What are you seeking to capture or achieve when you are out with your camera?
I’m trying to capture a mood or emotion with my images and convey that to the viewer…especially with my Abandoned Places series where I’m always thinking about what happened in these places I have photographed and all the people that have passed through these long forgotten or neglected places.

You’re so lucky to be travelling around our wonderful country. Can you share two or three particularly memorable moments?
There are so many memorable moments, but certainly a highlight was traveling through the Kimberley Region in Western Australia. It’s a very special place. Indescribably magic, with its remoteness, the rich red colours, intense sunsets and the close connection that Indigenous people have to the land. Swimming alongside stingrays in Whitehaven Beach, was also incredible. With remarkably clear, aqua blue water and squeaky clean, pure white silica sand, it really is paradise and exactly like in the tourism ads!

You’ve lived in a number of other countries, what would you say makes Australia unique? How do your photos tell a different story?
I think the Aboriginal culture makes our country very special and unique. Where else in the world is there a continuously living culture, which has survived for 40,000 years? I believe that in many ways, my images tell a ‘real’ story about Australia, not a sanitised and idealised version. To me, the real side, is the most beautiful aspect of the country anyway. People that show years of experience, worn and abandoned buildings that tell countless stories and landscapes that reflect the harshness and fragility of our environment.

What are your top three favourite places, people or objects to take photos of?
Places: Kimberley Region, Western Australia
People: Candid images of people at events.
Objects: Abandoned or deserted industrial buildings

What would we find in your camera bag?
Canon EOS-1DX, 16 – 35mm lens, 50mm lens, 100mm macro lens, 70 – 200mm f2.8L II lens, 2x convertor Mamiya 645DF with Leaf Credo 40 digital back, Schneider 80mm f2.8 lens, Mamiya 35mm f3.5 lens.

How do you like to spend your time, when you don’t have your camera with you?
Trying out new cafes with my partner Paula, watching Danish crime dramas and playing cricket.

What made you keen to join our Austockphoto community?
I liked the personal approach of the Austock photo team, which is different to other stock libraries I’ve tried previously, where you didn’t hear from anybody and there was little connection or support. It’s very exciting to be involved in the beginning of a project and to be affiliated with other great photographers around the country.

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