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When we heard from Dominique Felicity Chapman, the team at Austockphoto did backflips. Dominique is making her way around Australia, with her family in a converted bus,  taking beautiful photos that document the wonderful places they travel through. We got to know a little bit about Dominique when she answered a few questions for us…

Where do you hail from? Where is home now?
Originally I’m actually from South Africa, but immigrated to Australia when I was 8. We lived all over Western Australia, and for the last few years I’ve been based in both Perth and down the south-west coast. Home now is on the road, and at the moment we’re just leaving South Australia.

The most interesting person you have met on your travels so far?
We met a rather eccentric older couple while crossing the Nullarbor Plains, they were standing on the very edge of a semi-broken away part of cliff blowing bubbles to the ocean as a way of giving thanks to Mother Earth. They were incredibly sweet, and actually had some wonderful advice on life, as well as some rather bad advice but interesting nonetheless!

You and your family are on a marvelous adventure, and your beautiful photos tell your story so well. What has been your favourite place to photograph so far?
My favourite place so far was probably Talias Caves, South Australia, it was extremely secluded, quiet and had a very serene quality to it. The sand was made from tiny pink shells, creating the illusion you were walking on pale pink beach and the whole coast was covered in beautiful sea mist. It was a really magical place.

You work as a commercial lifestyle and travel photographer – how do you make it happen while on the road?
It’s actually a lot easier on the road, as I now have an endless supply of new and interesting places to photograph. The hard part comes with answering emails, calls, keywording and uploading images as well as maintaining an audience to bring in new customers. A lot of this relies heavily on internet, which isn’t always available. I’ve learnt to set aside time each day for the “boring” part of work, and keep up to date with editing by setting a schedule. While it’s not always achievable, I still find consistency is the best way to work.

What have you been snapping recently, that tells us a story about where you are at the moment?
Well, moments ago we pulled off a highway to photograph a beautiful, pale pink lake! Scientist don’t know exactly what turns the lakes pink, it’s generally thought to come from microbes living in the slat crusts. It’s such a fascinating phenomenon and bacteria never looked so lovely!

What are your three favourite things to take photos of?
My family, Sunrises and documenting people.

What do you like to shoot with?
I shoot with my Nikon D7000 and my 50mm or 35mm. These tend to be my favourite, followed by my telephoto. I like to shoot simply, and capture things truthfully. Getting caught up in different lenses can sometimes lose that quality.

What’s your best bit of advice for Kass and Matt, from the Austockphoto team, who have just started their adventures around Australia in a caravan with kids?
Be flexible! It’s sometimes a bit jarring when travel doesn’t meet your expectations especially with children. And that it’s ok to feel homesick for a “real” home.

What kinds of things do you and your family like to do, in each new place that you travel to?
Explore! The first thing we tend to do is walk around the camp and check out what facilities (if any!) there are and what there is to see and do.

What makes you excited about being an Austockphoto contributor?
The fact that Austockphoto is a purely Australian agency, tailored towards capturing the real Australia. I love that it will give us an opportunity to showcase an Australia that isn’t just beaches and BBQ’s, because it truly has so much more to offer.

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