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Elise Garner is an incredible portraiture photographer from NSW. Her beautiful work is a perfect fit for the Austockphoto collection, with her love of natural light and capturing candid moments. We are chuffed that Elise has joined us and that she was happy to answer a few questions for us.

Where do you call home? 
Suburban Sydney, born and raised!

What’s the best birthday cake you’ve ever had?
Have you been spying on me? I LOVE cake! Every birthday cake is the best cake. However, growing up, my mum was a whiz in the kitchen with the Australian Woman’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book in hand. We still have the book with our names and ages next to the cakes we had. Buttercream icing still brings back those memories.

Tell us a bit about the kind of work you do?
Though many moons ago I started out as a wedding photographer, babies and children are now my main focus, I started with photographing family portraits and fresh little newborns in a relaxed ‘lifestyle’ way, then a couple of years ago began building my business in kids fashion and editorial which has been a huge learning curve. So now I enjoy a mix of all that, with a few weddings thrown in. Keeps me on my toes.

We love how beautifully you photograph people – what are some of the joys and challenges of portraiture photography?
Thank you. Well, I work with kids… all the challenges followed by all the joy! It has taken me years to understand children of various ages, these small humans are a world of unpredictable, the challenge is also in keeping the parents relaxed. I don’t have children myself yet and this, at the beginning of my career, was a bit of a challenge. However now I can gauge how a child will be within the first few minutes and tailor my approach to the shoot based on that. People often ask “you’re so patient with the kids but how do you do this every day?” Simply “I love what I do and I myself am a big kid”, being able to say this is a joy, knowing that I get to do what I love and people can see that love in me.

What have you photographed recently, that tells us something about where you live?
I have spent a lot of time at Freshwater ocean pool training for triathlons, recently I photographed a friend there for a bit of fun and I was able to capture the relaxed vibe of that area, I am looking forward to heading back with camera in hand at the height of Summer.

What are your favourite places, people or objects to take photos of?
Did I mention kids already? Besides those crazy little people, I love to photograph people in love. Not just weddings, new parents, newly engaged or the long standing relationships of older generations.

What’s in your camera bag?
I travel light, though in photography equipment it is still heavy! I am a creature of habit and mostly shoot with the Nikon D800 with 24-70mm 2.8. I also carry an 85mm 1.4 and an SB910 flash. I had more but it was stolen, a story for another day! Also, lots of batteries, business cards, hair ties, Band aids and Panadol. The essentials. The highlight though is the actual camera bag, it is a gorgeous Kelly Moore bag and I get loads of complements on it.

What was the first concert you ever went to?
Oh the memories! Destiny’s Child with a few friends when we were 14.

Your favourite way to spend a day off?
Day off? what is that? You will find me hanging out with my Fiancé, at our favourite cafe in Coogee or lazing about the house reading. Most of our days off revolve around good food, coffee and doing something active. Usually him dragging me to the gym with the promise of coffee or cake after!

What makes you excited about Austockphoto?
I am so excited for Austockphoto to kick off because I feel it is long overdue, with all the modern, more creative, stock websites popping up, yet still being essentially American, I feel Austockphoto is our own version to be proud of and it is going to be amazing. I feel very lucky to be a part of Austockphoto in it’s infancy.

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