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Jessica May amazed us, here at Austockphoto, with her stunning images, and we were delighted to have her join us. Jessica is a young photographer who has an aptitude for seeing moments of beauty and capturing them in her work. We are so grateful that she agreed to share a bit about herself…

Where do you live? Has it always been home?
I’m living in Sydney at the moment for the second time around. I grew up in Sydney, and from there moved to the Sunshine Coast, then Brisbane, then made a spontaneous decision to move to Townsville. We were there for less than a month and again, made another spontaneous decision to move back to Sydney!

Would you rather be in a room full of people, or in the company of just one friend?
I’d have to say a full room of people. A full room of friends and family preferably!

We just love your images. Do you like to stick to a particular genre or discipline of photography?
Thank you so much! I don’t really stick to a particular genre or discipline…I like to keep my photography open. I’m a lover of change and new things, so I don’t think I would be capable of sticking to one thing!

As a young and emerging photographer, what or who inspires you to make it your craft?
That’s something that’s hard to explain. I know that the beauty of nature is a great inspiration with my work, but I would also say, people. People, their expressions, what they do, what they love, their stories and authenticity. I love capturing people in their true being.

What have you been taking photos of recently, that speaks about your little part of Australia?
Recently, I’ve actually been capturing landscapes and natural beauties of Australia, such as the beautiful Blue Mountains and the cliffs tops of Sydney.

What are three things that you best love to take photos of?
Candid photos of people, silhouette’s and really lush looking leaves. That last one might sound weird, but they make such beautiful, vibrant images!

What’s in your camera bag?
Well, my camera bag is very simple. Just two things. A Canon 6D and a 50mm 1.4. And I have a really cool camera strap. That’s probably the coolest part.

What did you want to be when you were small?
Oh dear. What’s the maximum amount of words I can use to answer this question?! To keep it short, I only list a few. The very first one, I’m assuming I wanted to be a hairdresser like my mum. She caught me in her salon trying to (almost) cut my own ear off. Oops, I meant hair. I should mention I was three. Then I wanted to be an air hostess like my nana, a real estate agent like my dad, an art teacher, a P.E. teacher, a professional golfer, an art teacher again. I said I would keep it short didn’t I…

How else do you spend your time, when you’re not taking photos?
I’m also currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Naturopathy, so that takes up a lot of time. I’m also a lover of gardening, researching all things to do with gardening and plants, and I love walking and exploring a lot. I also spend my time procrastinating, a lot.

What makes you excited about being a part of the Austockphoto community?
Where do I start! I’m super excited firstly, to be a part of an amazing group of photographers! I’m also really excited to create images with even more purpose and share them not only with Austockphoto, but with Australian’s nation wide. I’m also really proud to be a part of a company that’s Australian born and bred!

You can check out more of Jessica May’s work here.


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