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Jodie Johnson’s
dazzling images brighten our day at Austockphoto HQ. From beautiful Australian interiors through to endearing portraits, her work never fails to impress. Jodie happily shared with us a bit about herself and her work.

Can you share a bit about your little part of Australia?
I live in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton, which is near the beach, and I love it! We’re spoilt for choice with things to do, and we take full advantage – from paddle boarding in summer to bike riding the beach paths, walking the beaches or strolling to local cafes and shops, it’s a great lifestyle.

What’s your favourite room in your house?
At the moment, there isn’t one! Our house is old and damp and I have an outside laundry! It sounds worse than it is, but we are about to embark on a knock down and rebuild so ask me again in a year or so!

What did you do before photography became your full time gig? Why the change?
I was an Account Director in Advertising/Graphic Design Agencies. I’ve also held roles on the client side as a Marketing Manager. I was getting sick of client deadlines dictating whether I would be home for dinner. I craved the freedom to choose when and how I worked and wanted to try creating my own work instead of selling somebody else’s. Initially, I worked a part time job as well to help cash flow, then gradually gave up days as my clients and stock income grew enough to go it alone.

A considerable proportion of your works are gorgeous interior images. What do you love about this genre and how involved are you in the styling process?
I would have pursued interior design as a career if not for photography. I love it, and have renovated and built a few places over the years. I’m addicted to interiors magazines! Being able to capture beautiful interiors in photos is like combining two passions into one! The interiors I shoot for stock are people’s homes and already full of furniture so I don’t have much flexibility in styling larger items. However, I do take along extra props like flowers, throws or vases to place in if needed!

When not photographing beautiful homes, what else do you love to capture?
My dog Angus, my nieces, my husband (when he complies!). I also love shooting food, but I’m a terrible cook so I need to collaborate with someone on that!

Tell us about one of your favourite shoots.
Probably the mid century modern home I shot last year. It reminded me a lot of our trip to Palm Springs in the US where I fell in love with that style of architecture. From the terrazzo floor tiles to the lining boards on the wall and full height glass, it was just a pleasure to hang out in for a day as well!

What’s in your camera bag?
I’m using the Canon 5Diii at the moment which I love. The three lenses that live in the bag are the Canon 24-70mm 2.8 (versatile), the Canon 16-35mm (for interiors and architecture) and a 50mm prime because it weighs nothing! There are some others in the cupboard but those are the regulars.

What does a dream day off look like for you?

I actually find it hard to switch off because I love what I do. When I’m on holidays I start to read a book, but then find myself scrolling through Pinterest five minutes later looking for shoot ideas! I’ve got many unfinished books.

Why did you decide to join us as an Austockphoto contributor?
You’re local, you get it, you are image buyers yourself, so I believe you’ll curate the right images and then sell the library to the right buyers. You pay fair commissions. And although I didn’t know this when I joined, the support and communication from you guys have been fantastic. I’ve not found that anywhere else. So thanks!

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