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Kathryn Jewkes delighted the Austockphoto team with her wonderful, heart warming, quintessential Aussie photos. We are thrilled that she has joined us as a contributor. Kathryn took some time out to tell us a bit about herself.

Where is home? Have you always lived there?
I was born and bred on the NSW Central Coast where I’ve stayed to raise my own family. We are incredibly lucky to be so close to some amazing National Parks and beaches.

Your gorgeous and candid photos tell such wonderful little stories! How would you describe your work?
My work has an easygoing, fun style. I try to capture everyday moments of my daughters as they evolve and love sitting back and watching them interact with each other and their surroundings. I love seeing small details in the environment, a leaf or tree. My style is very natural.

What have you been photographing this month, that represents life in your little part of Australia?
This year I’ve decided to photograph a 365 day project. I take my camera with me everywhere and capture the little things we do each day. As it’s currently winter we haven’t been to the beach as much as we do in the warmer months so this past month I’ve been capturing lots of our everyday moments at home.

What are your three favourite subjects, objects or places to take photos of?
Oh it’s so hard to pick just three! My daughters are definitely my favourite, I absolutely love water so the beach is a favourite too. Thirdly it would have to be macro shots of flowers, spider webs etc. I love the little details.

What’s in your camera bag?
I shoot with a Canon 5d Mk II, 35mm lens is almost always on. My camera bag also has a 100mm macro lens and a 70-200mm. There’s usually spare batteries, memory cards and if I’m going out for a landscape or sunrise/sunset I’ll pack ND filters, remote shutter release etc.

Your favourite holiday spot?
Anywhere that there are water activities involved. Our family love the beach so that is high on our priority list. We had a trip to Port Douglas this year and snorkelled with turtles on the Great Barrier Reef. Definitely a holiday to remember.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I love to read but just recently I’ve bought myself a colouring in book for grown ups and have been enjoying that too. I also do a bit of running and find it really peaceful to be by myself running in the local National Parks. It gives me lots of time to think and plan.

What made you decide to come on board as an Austockphoto contributor?
I love the idea of an exclusively Australian based stock agency and when I looked at the other contributors I knew that my style would fit in perfectly.

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