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Louise Denton came to Australia for a travelling holiday and six years later she is still here! She takes magnificent photos capturing the natural beauty of the country she has fallen in love with. Louise shared a bit about herself with us…

Where is home? Have you always lived there?
I live in Darwin, Northern Territory and I love it! I’ve lived here since 2009, but before that I am originally from the UK.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
Paint! I see some awesome landscapes and sunsets up here, it’d be great to be able to interpret the scenes from my photos into other forms of art.

Can you tell us about your journey to professional photography?
I started as a backpacker with a little point and shoot. Traveling around Australia, I fell in love with the landscape… it’s so varied, remote and it’s all beautiful! I bought a DSLR as I wanted to learn how to capture what I was seeing “properly”.

Louise, your amazing landscape and nature photos are breathtaking. What are you seeking to capture when you take your beautiful photos?
Mostly just how amazing mother nature is. Our planet is beautiful… and it’s smart! I like to show people how naturally wonderful it is.

What have you photographed in the last couple of months, that tells a story about your local area?
I took the family out to Kakadu, which is one of the top tourist destinations in the Top End. I’m actually working on a new book as well, and part of it’s theme is about the different landscapes we have up here in the region. So out in Kakadu I was working on the smaller details of our landscape: things like birds of particular habitats, the stone country, waterfalls but also seasonal flowers like turkey bush and the yellow kapok flowers.

Our local area is very resilient, and that’s what I’m trying to show. The Top End goes through a huge flood and a long drought every year. It’s amazing how the trees here survive with no rain for six months.

What are your top three places, people or objects to take photos of?
Kakadu – I visit Kakadu several times a year
Trees and especially mangroves – they’re fascinating trees that survive in salt water. To most trees, salt is poison!
General landscapes  not necessarily tourist attractions, but those little things a photographer notices as they’re wandering along which can make a great photo. A unique photo opportunity that no one else might have seen!

What would we find in your camera bag?
Canon 5D Mark III and a 16-35mm F4 lens are the two things I always carry. I also always carry my Lee filters set, and sometimes my Tamron 150-600mm for wildlife shots.

Describe your perfect day off.
Camping and being outdoors in the bush, or walking along an empty beach. I love the remoteness of the NT, it’s fairly easy to get away from people and find your own little paradise.

Why did you decide to join our Austockphoto community?
I feel passionate about Australian Photography and Australian business. Austockphoto supports both industries, and gives Australia a voice. It’s a great way to showcase the awesomeness of Australia to Australians and worldwide.

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