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Natalie Purslow is a creative soul and wonderful photographer and we are very excited to call her an Austockphoto contributor. She generously shared a bit about herself and her work with us this week…

Where is home?
Tiny, eccentric, inspiring Fremantle WA!

What are some words that your friends might use to describe you?
Hungry… for both food and knowledge. haha!

Can you tell us a bit about your journey to professional photography?
Ill try my best to not go off on a tangent… Essentially I started my journey of photography because of a very important epiphany I had as a 9 year old. My uncle passed away 14 years ago and in the wake of his tragedy I inherited the only possession that in my mind, still held his life. I was given my uncle’s Pentax, this camera that went everywhere with him when he travelled the world was in my hands and the profound understanding I took from the importance of remembering the truth will always be something I owe to his memory. I started by taking photos of the neighbourhood kids and family.

At 17 I landed my first publication in an American Photography Anthology and that point was validation that this is what I wanted for my life. The minute I turned 18 I tried to capture everything, inspiration fell out of my head and mouth so often, sometimes I couldn’t keep up with my ideas. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in sports photography, photojournalism, conceptual fashion and commercial, finally falling into lifestyle photography and I’ve not looked back since! Today my professional photography has evolved to a place where it is so in tune to my personal state and values.

We love how diverse your work is: from streetscapes to portraiture, from fashion to weddings. Can you share with us a bit about #Motherhood Project?
Of Course! The #motherhood project is the brainchild of myself and Ashayla Webster, who happened to have the same idea at the same time. Fortunately for me, Shay runs a charity that publishes and promotes books directed at positive body image and awareness. The aim of the book was to capture women in all stages of pregnancy and thereafter and have them photographed naked in my backyard. We also provided  a written piece about their struggles and wisdom regarding their own body image and the way in which women and society view the mother and the body that she possesses. It proved to be a healing process for many of the women involved. Reading one another’s stories as well as just being themselves, bare in front of someone, gave them a new sense of courage, community and self worth. In total I photographed around 32 mothers and countless children and even as someone who has no children I learned a great deal about the hierarchy of motherhood, the unspoken rules, the cattiness and I got to witness the amazing job they all do at raising tiny humans!

What have you photographed recently, that tells us a story about the place you live?
I’ve chosen to look at and photograph Fremantle from a new perspective, the mundane, the light and lines that are trivial and constantly overlooked. I constantly feel the need to dig a little deeper into the blood and bones of where I live.

A few places, people or objects that you most love to take photos of?
BABIES! (I just really like to cuddle babies). Partners, friends, anything that has a focus around unusual silhouettes or light and naked bodies, because I appreciate how beautiful and brave it is for someone to be that open to being fragile in front of another person.

Camera gear that you like to work with?
I currently use a canon Eos 5D mark II and its my favourite of any camera I’ve ever owned! The 85mm is bliss!

What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
Decided to get on a plane to the east coast within two hours of waking up, to chase a chance.

Where would we find you on a day off?
Either down at the beach or being a couch potato ingesting countless documentaries.

Why did you decide to join our Austockphoto community?
I like what the company stands for , that they are trying to provide an opportunity for Australians to provide authentically Australian images to the world.  They’re also super friendly so why on earth wouldn’t I?!?

We know you’ll love Natalie’s work as much as we do. You can enjoy it at


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