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We want to share with you, our chat with photographer, Nicole Hastings. Nicole has that special knack for capturing the beauty, love and happiness in people’s lives. Austockphoto is lucky to have her on board.

Where is home?
Home is Perth, Tasmania.  It is about 15 mins out of town so we have the country feel with only a short drive to the city.  We have been here only a year after needing some more space for our family.

Something that has given you a really good laugh recently?
Watching old episodes of Malcolm n in the Middle, now that I’m a parent, I relate to it so much more, hilarious!

We think your work is wonderful! What do you love about photography?
Thank you!  I’ve always felt I was a creative person but didn’t find my niche till I picked up a camera (I was a terrible at drawing and painting.) I love that I can capture a mood, or a special bond, to be treasured forever. To press pause on life just for a brief moment.

What are some of the challenges to the kind of work you do?
I would say balancing family life and finding time for my photography, I have 3 children and they keep me pretty busy.  I also find conveying the importance of printing digital images a challenge, it’s so easy to leave them on your computer or just share them to Facebook, but the real treasure is to be able to hold them in your hands and share them with future generations.  Who knows if that USB stick will even work in ten years!

What have you photographed in the last year, that tells a story about your home town?
Last year I photographed the ANZAC service that my daughter’s school was participating in.  I was purely there as a Mum with a camera, but it was great to see the community coming together to remember the Anzacs and I felt lucky to be there.

Your most loved places, people or objects to take photos of?
Of course I have to say my children!  They get sick of me taking their photo though and love to pull faces at me!  I love landscape photography but I’m too lazy to get up early for it!  I also photograph my vintage finds and post those on instagram.

What do you like to shoot with?
I love my Canon 6D and my new 50mm Sigma Art, I’ve never had such a good quality lens before and it is amazing the sharpness it produces.

Can you share a fond childhood memory with us?
Choreographing dance routines to Girlfriend songs with my best friends, and then performing them to less than impressed parents.

What would we find you doing on a day off?
Scouring the nearby collectable shop for vintage goodies, and searching op shops for books.

What made you decide to join our Austockphoto community?
I loved the idea that Austockphoto was purely Australian photography, and it’s something I can work on while my kids are at school to help contribute to our family’s needs.

You can see more of Nicole’s wonderful work at


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