Meet the Austockphoto team


Woohoo! The gang at Austockphoto are so excited by the response we’ve had to our vision for an all Australian stock photo library.

Some really great photographers have joined us and we are delighted to be showcasing their work. We’ve also had a handful of businesses in creative industries tell us that Austockphoto is just what they have been waiting for!  A collection of accessible, beautiful, everyday contemporary Australian images. Trying to pass off American photographs as Australian will soon be a thing of the past. You little ripper! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist…).

But who are the people behind it all, I hear you ask?

Well… right now we are just a small but lively troupe of four.

There’s Claire, co-owner of both Austockphoto and design company, Boheem. It was late 2014, whilst searching for the gazillionth time for an image suitable for a local client, that it occurred to her there was an ongoing need for real Australian photography. Her already successful partnership with Kass would be just the thing to make it happen! Claire has been designing, creating, strategising and taking photos herself ever since I’ve known her (circa 1991!). Claire is married to Aaron and they have two little girls.

Kass, co-owner of Austockphoto and Boheem, is an accomplished designer, an intuitive business woman and a visionary.  Kass makes things happen. She’s decided to turn life as she knows it upside down for nine months, and with her partner Matt and their two kids, explore this vast and incredible country of ours, in a caravan.

Matt (of Kass & Matt), has just finished up his position as a strength and conditioning coach for the Sydney Swans, and is pretty excited about adventuring his way around Australia, spreading the word about Austockphoto as he goes. Matt is super easy going and if you’re up for it, he’s keen for a beer or coffee and a yarn about Austockphoto. Be sure to stay tuned to their travels!

And then there‘s me, Libby, a highschool friend of Claire’s, returning to work after a few years at home with my three little boys. With energy, varied skills and a love of storytelling to offer, you can imagine how chuffed I was when Claire asked me to join them on this exciting and creative start up. I think it’s pretty swell.

But of course, we’re not the whole team. Austockphoto can only happen with the contributions of the talented photographers who are building this beautiful archive of images. And we can’t wait to know all these amazingly creative people, who will form our Austockphoto community.

How about you? Do you know your way around a camera? Love to capture moments and celebrate life in pictures? You should join us. Become part of the Austockphoto story…



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