Passing off overseas stock photography as our own… Australia says no!


If you work in design or a similar creative role, you will know the utter frustration at the lack of easily accessible, quality, contemporary Australian stock photography. We have felt it for years, and decided it was time for change.

And so marked the beginning of Austockphoto, the Australian Stock Photography Library: 100% Australian, 100% royalty free.

As designers, we were left exasperated by the time and money we spent sourcing “Australian-looking” images via international stock companies. For starters, very few stock images actually look “Australian”, and besides, we wanted to be able to support our incredible local photographers! We knew there were plenty out there, so we set about finding them.

Kassandra Hunt is co-owner of Boheem Design in Sydney as well as Austockphoto. In 2015 she and her partner Matt sold their home in the inner west of Sydney and set off with their two kids to travel around Australia in a caravan. Their quest has been to unearth a diverse range of talented photographers from every corner of the country. As a boutique library, it’s been significant for Kass and Matt to meet some of our contributing artists. We see this personal approach as a key element of the Austockphoto philosophy. Getting to know our photographers is really important to us, as they are the ones who will be capturing unique moments and telling visual stories from around our country.

Right now we are building a collection of images that will be offered for a fair price to all, which will inspire the design and advertising communities to support Australian photographers. This will, in turn, strengthen the creative industries as the visual communications that are produced will be honest, beautiful and authentically Australian.

There are countless Australian stories to be told; we’re really excited to see this creative community grow and work together to support and promote local, home-grown talent.

We’re planning to launch in August 2016, so please sign up and get involved. We are a proud, diverse and talented country, and we plan to show you why!


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