Well hello and welcome!


Knock, knock, knock… Hello, or we should probably say G’day, and welcome to Austockphoto. We are so excited about this project and we’re looking forward to sharing about its development as it grows.

Firstly, in case the name didn’t spell it out, Austockphoto is an all Australian stock photography library. Yes, we went with a literal name, but we we’re also picturing something that rolled easily off the tongues of Aussies from all walks of life – think of a phonetic range anywhere from Mossman to Mount Buggery.

We know for a fact that a huge range of images are needed and used everyday by different people and organisations trying to tell different stories. Think websites, brochures, flyers, across a whole range of industries from government departments to charities to schools and universities, private sector and startup businesses – just to name a few. But we also know that finding the right image can be tedious, and this is especially the case for images that are relevant to the Australian way of life.

Austockphoto is the brainchild of Boheem Design. Throughout its 10 plus years in the industry it has come to the realisation that Australia doesn’t do stock photography… not well at least. Our vision is not only to create a super-functional resource for the graphic design and advertising industries, but to bring together an amazing group of artists from all over Australia to create something special. We envisage a beautiful, boutique, captivating collection of images that encapsulates the real Australia for all Australians (and beyond). An archive of relevant Australian photographs that will be engaging people for years to come.

A major consideration for Austockphoto is the rights of our contributing artists. After all, the people taking the pictures are the ones who really will be building this library of images from the ground up; we are just hoping to be the springboard to help it get off the ground. We definitely see this as a collaboration and would love to hear from any photographers who have had their fancies tickled in the last few paragraphs.

So, quick question. If you had just decided to start up a new business, an extra business, whilst trying to raise two rambunctious kids (5yrs & 2yrs) in the hustle and bustle of Sydney, how would you make life easier? Why not pull up stumps, and take off on a 9 month road trip right around this wide brown land? Nothing like a little extra mustard on your hotdog (or sauce on your sanga perhaps).

Yes, two members of the small Austockphoto team are hitting the road with a family caravan in tow to get this puppy on its feet. I guess we are like so many Australians who have grown up in this amazing country, but haven’t seen more than a few landmarks in a few capital cities. No more embarrassing conversations with backpackers who have been in town 5 minutes but have seen so much more of what this country has to offer!

Our first leg is all of 25km from Lilyfield to Lane Cove National Park. Necessary baby steps for a city family who doesn’t really do outdoors stuff. But as of mid-April we will be making our way north to spread the Austockphoto gospel. We can’t wait to see some weird and wonderful places, and to meet all sorts of characters along the way. We are also looking forward to a growing appreciation of the vastness and diversity of the Australian landscape.

If you have a passion for photography and are keen to contribute, or just have some questions, we would love to meet you in person as we pass through your neck of the woods. Equally, the two remaining Austockphoto peeps back at base in Sydney would love to catch up for a cuppa sometime.

If you’d like to keep up to date with the Austockphoto road trip, follow us and check back here soon.


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