When my baby smiles at me…


Whether you are a sport lover or not, there is an event starting in Rio this week that seems to unify all Australians for a couple of short weeks, every four years.

We are a country small in numbers, but have always been immensely proud of our ability to match it with the international super powers.

It is hard to explain why, but who hasn’t found themselves jumping around the living room as an Aussie Olympian creates an upset or records a PB in an event you have never watched before?

In this way, the Olympics is about so much more than sport. It is about the stories of years of sacrifice by individuals and their families, the tragic near misses, the thrill of just being involved on the biggest stage in the world.

Maybe this Olympic passion does explain why outsiders see us as a ‘sport-obsessed’ nation, why our grass roots sporting system run by volunteers is so strong, and why our kids love to run and swim and ride and jump and … well you get the idea.


Thanks to a number of our awesome Austockphoto contributors for providing the images above.


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